Today I’m going to talk about Blues and Muse Series One.

The What of It: Blues and Muse Series One is the dream of one man, Rogelio “Chico” Hernandez brought to life. Chico has hosted open mic nights, under the name “Chico’s Blues and Muse”, for about three years, until early last year he was diagnosed with bladder and prostate cancer. During his battle with this vicious disease his dream of two goals kept him going. The first was teeing off at the most beautiful golf course he could find. The second was bringing back Blues and Muse, who he would invite as the featured performer, and all the little details of his triumphant return to the Detroit entertainment scene. Series one is the extension of that dream over the course of the next year. The funds will be used to pay performers, provide free snacks for attendees, promoting the event, and most importantly of all getting the gear required to stream the events live over the internet so that people around the world can enjoy a slice of Detroit culture.

The Who of It: Okay, you got us, the Kickstarter campaign is actually run by us, Rogue Bard Media. You know who we are and what we’re about, and we’re proud to be spearheading this attempt to lighten the financial load on Chico’s back by turning Blues and Muse into a recognized brand and continue on big and strong into the future. We got our start doing video work for the some of the very first Blues and Muse events years ago and we’ve stuck with Chico from venue to venue recording and uploading the events for the world to see. We want to take things father though. Really push what we’re doing to a new level and get Blues and Muse in front of new people the world over.

Of course there’s also Chico, who is something of a beloved figure within the metro Detroit poetry and music scene. Chico, himself, is a writer of some pretty moving poetry about the good old days growing up in Detroit. Additionally he is always on the look out for possible gigs that any one of his musician friends may be a good fit for. All around he’s just a stand up guy. Ask anyone who knows him, they’ll tell you the same.

The Why of It: Well I think it’s pretty clear why I support the project. It’s our project after all. The question then is why should you back it? Well we’re part of the Kicking it Forward Movement, if that matters to you. To us it’s important to give something back, so we’re pledging to take 5% of all profits from Blues and Muse DVD sales and merchandise and use that money to back other peoples projects on Kickstarter. Other than that, we’re trying to provide free entertainment for anyone who wants it and we think that’s a worthy cause to rally behind. So if that sounds like something you can get behind head over to our project page and take a look at what we’re offering as backer rewards, and toss a little support our way. If it’s not, no big deal, but we’d really appreciate it if you took our page and shared it with your friends and family in case it’s something they might be interested in. After all, we can’t do this without the support of friends, family, and anyone else who is willing to spread the message around for us.