For the last four years, Rogelio Hernandez, Chico to his friends, has been bringing together writers and musicians from all across the metro-Detroit area to perform at various venues at events he’s billed as “Chico’s Blues and Muse.” His friendly, outgoing attitude and willingness to let anyone with a passion to share their work take his stage has resulted in his establishment as a beloved figure in the creative community.

Early in 2011, however, Chico was diagnosed with bladder and prostate cancer which brought his shows to a screeching halt.Throughout his journey battling the vicious disease, two post-recovery dreams filled his thoughts. The first, teeing off on the first hole of the most beautiful golf course he could find. The second, his triumphant return to hosting his Blues and Muse events.

With an unbelievable outpouring of support from the community, Chico has recently beat cancer and is now, with long time collaborators Rogue Bard Media, LLC, trying to raise the funds he needs to bring Blues and Muse back bigger and better than ever before. Using the crowd-funding model, they are utilizing to rally support and raise the funds to produce and not only Blues and Muse shows for a year, but to add to it a talk show in which Chico will interview local artists who will be headlining Blues and Muse that month. Both will stream live via the internet for free to anyone and everyone who wishes to watch from anywhere in the world.

Fyl Frazee, Lead Producer at Rogue Bard Media, has been planning for Chico’s return since early in the treatment process with the goal of taking Chico’s Blues and Muse and turning it into a nationally recognized name. “We (Rogue Bard Media) wouldn’t exist as we do now if we hadn’t gotten our start doing video work for some of the first Blues and Muse events. We’ve made a lot of connections within the film industry through Chico, and we intend to repay that debt by taking his show to the world.” said Fyl Frazee when asked about his relationship with Chico’s Blues and Muse.

Rogue Bard Media, LLC was founded in 2009 specializing in event videography and photography. The company has grown to provide a full range of production services for consumer and corporate needs as well as serving as an outlet for local artists to promote and sell their artwork, writing, and films.


If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule and interview with Fyl Frazee, please call Fyl Frazee at 734-306-9117 or e-mail To back this project visit the project Kickstarter page.