I decided I wanted to try my hand at animation! I know you’re supposed to start out with simple things like bouncing balls and what not, but I just jumped in. The result is admittedly rather jerky, and goes by way too quickly. I think I’ll return to it one day and put more frames in-between, to smooth things out.
The concept is entirely the idea of my 6-year-old daughter, who loves science, and suggested I make her “a scientist who studies lizards.” She came up with her name, as well- Bella is such a common name among kids nowadays, there were like six of them in her class last year, so it comes as no surprise she’d pick what she knows- and suggested that the lizard give her a kiss.

I had so much fun with this project! It’s always been my dream to become an animator. I was surprised at how attached I became to Bella while drawing her. I dreamt up all sorts of scenarios to put her in and experiments to conduct. I almost didn’t want to stop, but I needed the extra time to put it all together and time what I had as best I could. It’s far from perfect, but since it’s my first try, I have to admit I’m rather proud of it.