This week I’ve chosen to back “Penny Arcade Sells Out.”

The What of It: I’m going to start by saying I’d be surprised if you’ve never heard of Penny Arcade. Penny Arcade is probably the biggest web comic in the history of web comics. They deliver gaming related comic strips three times a week as free entertainment for the masses and have been doing so for around fifteen years. Beyond that they run a charity, award a yearly scholarship, and generally just kick all kinds of ass. They also devote a lot of their time to pleasing advertisers and creating content for third party companies in order to sustain all this madness. What they are trying to do with Kickstarter is raise enough money to sustain their business for one year so that they can devote more time to internal projects for their fans instead of spending so much time working on external things like ads.

The Who of It: Two men act as the faces of the Penny Arcade corporate machine. Jerry “Tycho” Holkins and Mike “Gabe” Krahulik. Mike is the artist of the comic and much of the other content produced by the company, while Jerry handles the heavy lifting when it comes to writing.

The Why of It: I’ll be honest. I didn’t get on board to back Penny Arcade because I try to avoid high profile projects that are already well exceeding. There are a lot of interesting projects out there offering a lot of nifty rewards, but I try to select smaller projects that I’d really like to see succeed that don’t have a big established business firmly entrenched to ensure success. In this case, however, one of their stretch goals is something I really really want to see happen and they are very close to hitting the goal. That goal is a web series they are calling “Strip Search” in which they gather up a bunch of small potatoes web comic artists and put them through challenges to determine who is the next great web comic creator. As you may have noticed we recently launched a new comic ourselves and we would not only love to see this happen, but want the chance to be a part of it ourselves. That is why I’m backing “Penny Arcade Sells Out.” and so should you.