This week I’ve decided to put my money behind Hero Party

The What of It: Hero Party is a 48 page comic set in a world where there are deep dark dungeons to explore with treasures to be claimed, but entry into the dungeons is heavily regulated in order to prevent the unnecessary deaths of ill prepared would be adventurers. There are very specific laws regarding the size and composition of a group who wishes to seek their fortunes in the underworld. Enter the protagonists a group of young idealistic and, most importantly certified, heroes who have their own reasons for entering the underworld in search of the worlds greatest treasure. You can read more about them on the Hero Story website.

The Who of It: Hero Party is being created by a pair of artists from Brazil who have a long standing history in the comics industry in their country. Although few of the projects have made their way state side, they are well known and respected for their work in Brazil. One of the pair is Marcelo Cassaro who has been working in the comics publishing industry in his home country since 1985. He’s also well known for publishing a Brazilian role playing magazine in which he created RPG rules for popular video game franchises such as Megaman and Street Fighter.

His partner is Erica Horita. Best known for doing illustrations for RPG books, she has recently started up her own publishing company which distributed an 8 issue run of a comic called Ethora all across Brazil. She has also produced and sold numerous comics at conventions and won numerous contests both locally and nationally.

The Why of It: I was on the fence on this one for a while debating whether to choose this or an animated rock opera about the “Self proclaimed master of pancakes” and his dealings with the devil. Ultimately the art style won me over as this has a much more appealing anime style to it and while I don’t get into anime much these days I’m still drawn to the Japanese influenced artists more often than not. Reading about the two artists behind the project just cemented it further since they both seem to have a strong fan base in their own country and I’d love to see them get some recognition from the rest of the world.