As of today we have added a wonderful piece of erotic fiction to the catalog of products we sell. It’s also makes the beginning of Rogue Bard Media LLC as a publisher in addition to our video and photographic services. We’ve actually been working on several book projects we’ll be publishing over the next few months by a few different authors, this just happened to be the first one out of the gate. I even got to provide a quote for the back cover. Here’s the books description.

Kyle Johnson doesn’t want much out of life. He’s always considered himself a born soldier so it came as a surprise to no one when he enlisted in the U.S. Army shortly after graduating high school. Nothing prepared him, however, for becoming the play thing of his company’s executive officer nor the star struck love of a female trainee.

As someone who went through basic training years ago I found the book to hold very true to the mentality of a soldier in training and the events that occur are very similar to reality with a twist of erotic re-imagining inspired by rumors and recounting of similar illicit encounters that occurred in real life. All this fun stuff with a mere $5.99 price tag. If you’re interested you can purchase your very own copy here.