This week I’ve decided to put my money behind the Action Packed Cyberpunk Stock Photo Set

The What of It: As you can probably guess from the title this project aims to create a set of stock photos that can be used as references or elements for other peoples art work. The goal of the project is to create sixteen high quality photographs featuring a model in a variety of action poses with high tech cyber punk gadgets.

The Who of It: The man behind this project is Jade Macalla and he’s been producing these sorts of images for a long time. If you check out his deviant art page you’ll find he’s already posted up hundreds of photo references and they are all of superb quality. Some of them might be a little goofy, but that’s hardly a bad thing.

The Why of It: While I don’t see myself using these images much myself, unless I get bored and decide to start playing around in Photoshop which happens a lot, Krystal frequents Deviant Art on a regular basis looking for photo references for her drawings. These sound like just the sort of thing she’d find herself using a lot in the future, and I also just want to see what sort of goofy things this guy produces. So that’s why I’ve chosen to put some money behind Action Packed Cyberpunk Stock Photo Set