This week I’ve decided to put my money behind Bombshell Babes.

The What of It: The goal of the Bombshell Babes is to produce a series of 30mm scale miniatures featuring a host of strong iconic female characters. Within the miniatures gaming and painting scene there are a handful of such miniatures out there, but the guys at Bombshell want to devote an entire ever expanding range to the female form.

The Who of It: The bombshell project is headed up by a fellow named Patrick Keith who is a well established sculptor in the miniatures gaming industry. The guy has done work for many of the industries biggest companies exampless of which can be found here. In addition to Patrick there’s a list of concept artists and painters who are on board to bring this line to store shelves. The full list of contributors can be found here.

The Why of It: When I first read the title and tag line for the project I thought to myself “great another line of scantily clad female fantasy figures. Just what the industry needs. To my surprise a large portion of the concept art presented with the project contained women fully clothed. Not only that, but as a former miniature games player/hobbyist myself I found myself looking at some of them and thinking “wow, I’d buy that.” There are some of the typical fantasy girls in bikini type characters in the mix, but even those are, for the most part, more than tasteless giant breasted girls with swords. Even if it’s not in your wheel house, it’s worth taking a lot at the art at the very least.