This week I’ve chosen to put my money behind “Jacob Western Cowboy Dragonslayer.”

The What of It: This project is to fund a book which will contain “Dragon Slaying in North America” a guide to the species of dragons which inhabit the authors fictional version of wild west era America and “Three Montanas” which is a collection of short stories from the prospective of Jacob Western a dragon slaying Cowboy living on the frontier of the Midwest. eBook versions of both of these books will be released by the end of the year, but the authors goal is to use Kickstarter to fund a print version which will contain both. By his own account the author has put a ton of work into building real American history into the narrative in hopes that his stories will feel like authentic historical fact to the reader.

The Who of It: The man behind this project is Tim Skinner. If you watch the video you can see he has no shortage of enthusiasm for the things he’s written. The books are already written and ready to go, he just needs the funding to pay for things like editing, formatting, and printing. He’s also responsible for a web series which called Tim and Lamont which you can check out here.

The Why of It: Well to start with, like Tim, I like dragons. Big fan. Another thing is, he’s trying to build something new and interesting with his stories. As he points out in his video dragons are generally grouped into two headings European and Asian. Each of those categories generally have their own sets of typical behaviors and histories. He wants to bring a new breed to fiction. The American family of dragons with whole new mythologies and traits. I think it’s pretty ambitious and should be encouraged. That is why I chose to back “Jacob Western Cowboy Dragonslayer.”