This week I’ve decided to put my money behind Dominion of the Gods

Dominion of the Gods is Comfy Chair Games latest entry into the miniatures gaming market. At least it will be if they can meet their funding goals. This time around they’re harness the breadth of mythological pantheons the world over as the miniatures that make up the line. Initially the line will consist of several box sets containing five miniatures corresponding to specific pantheons. The initial goal is to produce a Greek themed box containing the goddess Athena, a Minotaur, a Cyclops, Medusa, and Achilles, and a Norse bx containing Thor, a Valkyrie, a troll, a frost giant, and Jokul Frosti the spirit of the winds. Also contained within these boxes will be quick start rules, special dice designed for the game, and stat cards for each of the models in the box. It’s an ambitious project with planned stretch goals including plans to offer additional pantheon boxes including Hindu and my personal favorite one based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

Comfy Chair Games is no stranger to the miniatures gaming market. The company has been around for about five years and has already produced a game called Spinespur which, although it lacks the popularity of the bigger games in the market, has it’s own strong and dedicated following. I believe they are well positioned to take this game and make it a success with the support of they’re existing fan base and any new comers they can attract from the fans of mythology out there who would love to pit god against god on the table top. They even had the sense to put some gameplay demo videos up on the project page right at launch which is rare from other companies who have run miniatures game kickstarters. Often times you’re asked to put your money behind a game without any indication how the game plays and whether or not you’re even interested in it’s mechanics. From the looks of it Dominion of the Gods is a fairly simple and straight forward system that is easy to learn quickly without sacrificing tactical complexity to keep the game fresh and interesting.

There you have it, my opinion of the game, it’s creators, and the reason I’ve decided to give them my money. If it sounds interesting to you, go over to their project page and see if Dominion of the Gods might be the next game you get into.