This week I’ve decided to put my money behind A.K.A. One in he Chamber.

A.K.A. is described as a grind house style film in graphic novel form. This project, however, isn’t about creating the graphic novel. That’s already finished. This project is about creating an eight page prequel comic and printing a ton of them for distribution to indie friendly comic shops around the country to be given away for free. “Why would they do that?” you might ask. Well the goal is to increase awareness and interest in the graphic novel. I think this is a great use of Kickstarter. It’s rare you find someone using Kickstarter to raise money for something they’re just going to give away for free and in this case we’re talking about ten thousand copies of their prequel story. That’s a lot of free comics going out to readers across the nation. If this sounds like the sort of thing you can get behind go take a look at the project page for A.K.A. One in he Chamber.