This week I’ve decided to put my money behind Lost Legends.

Lost Legends is something of a hybrid card/board game in which each player takes on the role of a hero and fights monsters in order to have the biggest collection of bloody trophies at the games end. Each hero has their own set of starting stats and skills giving each player different advantages and disadvantages from the other players. Each player is dealt a random monster to fight then using a drafting mechanic the players outfit themselves with equipment and items to confront their monsters. After the gear has been drafted combat begins and each player takes turns attacking and defending against their assigned monster until either all the monsters are defeated of all the players have been knocked out by their foes.

I find the mechanics of this game very interesting as the drafting mechanic adds a different spin on how your characters are kitted out. From the initial hand of gear you most select the one card you think is going to be most useful to you before all the players pass their remaining cards to the left giving you a whole new batch to choose from. Since this isn’t a cooperative game you also have to keep in mind what you’re handing to the other players and how useful it will be for them. You may find a sound strategy is to draft something less useful to yourself, just to keep it out of the others players hands and make fighting their monsters more difficult.

If this sounds like your kind of game go check out Lost Legends over on Kickstarter.