If you’ve been following us for a while you’ve probably noticed we’ve been pretty light on content over the last month or so. Wednesday Art has disappeared as a regular weekly feature and I haven’t been posting Kickstarter projects of notes on Thursdays for a while either. On top of that we’ve run out of new Monday Zen videos and have been re-posting them all over again starting from number one. There’s a lot of reasons why things have gone dark here and I’m going to lay them out for everyone.

First and fore most I have been very ill mentally since about the middle of June. I suffer, from time to time, from the very serious effects of bi-polar disorder. Generally I’m a-okay and able to plug away at everything we’ve got going on at my typical rapid pace. Every year or so, however, my body builds up a tolerance to the medication I’ve been using to keep myself stable. When that happens it’s the luck of the draw that determines whether or not the next thing my doctor prescribes get’s my brain back on track. This happened at the beginning of June and I was not fortunate enough to find a new combination of medications until three weeks ago. Toward the end things got so bad that I was barely able to get myself out of bed in the morning and when I was out of bed it was a constant struggle to keep myself from swallowing a fistful of pills or, in one particularly bad instance, ramming a gun in my mouth. Needless to say at that point keeping the site updated like I normally did wasn’t really a priority anymore. Luckily I’m back on my game and doing my best to make up the loss of almost six months time.

Second is we’ve been working on a lot more things behind the scenes than we had been earlier this year. We branched out into publishing a few months ago, putting out a novella by Tom Richter, and have since been working with some other authors to get their works ready to launch. This has proved more time consuming than I’d anticipated, but it’s coming along nicely I think. Large chunks of my time since my recovery have been devoted exclusively to finishing “Can’t Get No Play” a web series that started pre-production just over two years ago and we have, finally, released the first of fourteen episodes. So for I’m about half way through editing the entire series and it will run every other Friday over the course of the next few months. Add to that not one, but two new films in pre-production and you’ll find there is a lot on my plate right now. Luckily I’m a fast eater and I always have room for more. Oh and I also wrote almost a years worth of “The Mile High Cup” comics in the space of a few days too just to mix things up a little.

That explains what”s been keeping me from writing the weekly Kickstarter articles and releasing the monthly videos, but it doesn’t explain what happened to Krystal’s weekly Wednesday Art posts. Thing is Krystal doesn’t have much time for random sketches anymore, much less taking those sketches, scanning them, and cleaning them up for posting. She’s been working diligently on “The Mile High Cup” making sure to keep us on schedule every week and even getting us ahead of schedule a few times. She’s also started taking commissions for altered Magic: The Gathering cards. We needed another more steady way to generate some revenue and once a  friend of ours suggested it she took the idea and ran with it. So far she’s done some pretty amazing work and the commissions keep rolling in. Soon we’ll be incorporating the alters into the Rogue Bard Media site proper along with some other changes to the look and feel here. Lastly, in conjunction with the previously mentioned Tom Richter, she’s been developing a comic book written by him and illustrated by her so a lot of her time has been tied up in doing concept work for that in preparation for digging in for the actual comic itself. Her time has become a precious commodity and that’s something we’re very pleased with.

When it comes to Monday Zen the truth is we never intended for it  to be any more than it is right now. Maybe sometime down the line we’ll do some more, but for now it remains a series of almost sixty videos we will continue to cycle through for the foreseeable future. The video’s were meant to be a bit of enlightenment or a quick laugh to start off your week and I think they are still good for that even if some people have already seen them before.

So that’s the very long explanation as why we haven’t been hitting our usual marks around here. Come the new year we should be back to full steam and then some. It’s going to be an exciting new year.