This week I’ve decided to back “We Are Monsters.”

We Are Monsters is the story of a young woman who falls in with a street gang of mutants and their goal of sticking it to the man. The man, in this case, is the worlds most wealthy influential people, you know the ones, the so called 1%. Difference is these aren’t just the 1% they’re also aliens who invaded and took control of earth over thirty years prior without anyone ever really finding out what happened.

The character designs for the characters above don’t really appeal to me, but what does make me want to see it can be boiled down to three things I love. Mutants, aliens, and sticking it to the man. Combining all three into some sort of wacky delicious pie is right up my alley, in my wheels house, and all the other similar phrases you can come up with. Add to that the impressive resumes of some of the people working on the project and I’m completely sold. This film is going to be bat shit crazy and I’m cool with that.

Sound good? Go look at the project page, watch their video, and I think you’ll find this is something worth tossing some coin at.