This week while browsing through Kickstarter looking for a project to back for the week I came across three gems I found it very hard to choose between. Ultimately I decided I didn’t have to choose and went ahead and backed all three. Let’s take a look at them in no particular order.

The first project I backed is a group called Piko Piko Detroit. These fine folks are devotees to all things 8-bit from pixel art to chip tunes. They have had an impressive run over the last year organizing open mic nights and concerts in the Southeast Michigan area and beyond. They are looking to raise funds which will be used to plan and execute more events over the coming year. Aside from the fact that I’m big into chiptunes myself, the main reason I chose to support this project is because their goal is to keep their events free wherever possible and where they can’t they want to keep the cost for attendees as low as possible. That’s a pretty admirable goal in my opinion.

Next up is Dynagirl. Dynagirl is a comic book series published by Red Handed Studio, a company created by the comics creators for the soul purpose of publishing their own comics. As a single mother and a super powered woman Dynagirl has spent five years in retirement after the birth of her son. She is called out of retirement to face a looming new threat and the comic revolves around her trying to balance life as a hero and her home life taking care of her young son. The project itself is trying to raise funds to collect the first six issues of Dynagirl, which have already been published and released, into a graphic novel, get it printed, and get Dynagirl into the hands of as many people as possible. What drew me to the project is the fact that the characters look like real people and not super sexualized stereotype heroes you find in most comics.

Last is the band Lost in Atlantis who are looking to fund their next album. These guys have been through a lot over the last year including a very serious car crash involving their tour bus and a semi truck driven by a sleeping trucker, but they didn’t let that get in their way. They are currently booked to play in this summers Warped Tour and I suspect they will be big news by years end. I’ll let their music speak for itself though by leaving this link here for you to click on and hear their greatness for yourself.

I think it’s fitting to kick the new year off by helping people live their dreams. If any of these projects sound like something you’d be interested in head over to Kickstarter and check out Piko Piko Detroit, Dynagirl, and Lost in Atlantis.