This week I’ve decided to put my money behind The Machine God (The Drifting Isle Chronicles)

I’ll start by saying I don’t normally back projects that have already met their goal unless it’s something I’m really really into. This is doubly true when it comes to backing authors because I can be very hard to please when I sit down and read something. I could not, for example, get more than thirty or so pages through Game of Thrones before I closed it and walked away. I found it amazingly boring and if you haven’t really captivated me within thirty pages chances are you never will. With that said I have high hopes for The Machine God.

The Machine God shares the story of a professor whose lost his tenure at his old university and moves to a new city to take a new position in a place where a mysterious floating island hovers just out of reach. When a scientist manages to reach the floating island and reports back with signs of life on the long thought uninhabited island, the main character, due to his specialty in myth and legends surrounding the floating island, is sent up with the first expedition team to uncover the islands secrets.

I don’t know about you but that sounds pretty rad to me. I highly recommend giving the project page a visit if you’re even remotely interested in steampunk. If nothing else it contains an interesting account of how the author found herself writing about a subject well outside the realm of her usual work.