Every week I try to find something on Kickstarter that I think warrants attention, back it, and then bring it here and drop knowledge on  your guys. I’m sad to say this week I just haven’t done that. First of all I’ve been pretty sick all week and it has made it difficult for me to keep up with my typical work load. Add to that some added stress and it’s just a recipe for disaster. I’m not making excuses, because despite all this I did try for the last hour or so to find a noteworthy project to lay at your feet, the real problem is I just couldn’t find anything that caught my eye this week.

The process I use for writing these blog posts is pretty simple. I head over to Kickstarter and start browsing through recently launched projects opening things that sound interesting in new tabs until I’ve found roughly a dozen options. I then read those project pages, watch their videos, check out links to the creators other works when available, and slowly eliminate projects until I’ve found one I think is worth my hard earned coin. I followed the steps just like I always do, but after an hour I’d only opened up a single project in a new tab and was quickly turned off by the creators presentation thereof. This is actually pretty disappointing as I find Thursdays to generally be pretty interesting since I get to spend so much time looking at what other people are trying to create. This week there just wasn’t anything notable, at least nothing notable in my eyes. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who will find all the things I  passed over more their speed, but I’m not going to back a project just for the sake of a weekly routine.

I tried, despite it being a challenge to remain upright and type this right now, I tried. Now I’m going back to bed.