This week I bring you the TacTiClip a titanium money clip designed by a fellow named Steve Pappas. I only recently became a money clip user when I got sick of having a big bulky wallet in my pocket all the time. I don’t really like having anything in my pockets that’s not essential, so when my daughter gave me a money clip that said “Dad’s Cash” on it I immediately made the switch. First thing I noticed was the thing gets bent out of shape easily if you put too much stuff in it and that is something the TacTiClip promises not to do. While I’m not looking to replace the Dad’s Cash clip any time soon, I do feel the TacTiClip is something that may suit the needs of many. Take a look at the videos on their project page and see just how elastic it is. Who know’s, maybe you’ll decide you want one of your very own.