This week there was absolutely no contest when it came down to choosing something to back. The moment I saw The Uncle Ruckus Movie on my screen I knew there would be no topping it, not for this weeks spot anyway. Just look at this face and tell me you’re not moved to back this project.

uncle ruckus no relation

 Scary isn’t it? He just peers into  your soul with his cold dead eye. Anyway I’ve always been a big fan of the boondocks. I used to read the comics in the paper, I own the cartoon DVD’s, so really it’s no surprise I’d want a piece of a live action Uncle Ruckus film. That’s right, I said live action. Since this is essentially going to be a pretty low budget film, relative to Hollywood standards anyway, making an animated film was just out of the question, so they decided to make up a costume and see how fans reacted to a living breathing incarnation of everyone’s favorite uncle. Okay, probably not favorite uncle.

Like the Boondocks? Go look at the project page and, at the very least, watch the video because it’s pretty epic and I don’t use the word epic lightly.