This weeks project is Story War, a card game that revolves around creative story telling.I enjoy a good beer and pretzels board/card game and  Story Wars looks like it’s just that. The concept of the game is fairly simple. Two teams are dealt a random assortment of warrior and item cards and using them as a frame work they must tell a better story  describing how their warriors have defeated the warriors of the opposing team. Any game that revolves around out BS-ing the opponent is my kind of game. When it comes to BS-ing, at least within the confines of my friends, I am the master. When I told my wife about the game she immediately responded with “sounds like fun, but I’d never want to play it with you.” Can’t say I blame her. The sheer amount of ridiculous things my characters have accomplished in RPG’s over the last fifteen years simply by convincing the DM/GM that what I was trying to do was possible is staggering. I mean who else encounters a terrasque with their third level paladin and decides to ride his horse full tilt down the things throat with the intent of setting up shop inside it’s lungs? As you can imagine the DM’s jaw just dropped.

Anyway, back to Story War. The games creators, Cantrip Games, have already finished the base set of the game and are looking to raise the money to print the first run. That’s one hundred cards they have already laid out money to hire an artist to illustrate and countless hours of play testing. I don’t know about you, but they sound pretty devoted and competent to me.

If Story Wars sounds like the sort of thing you and your friends might enjoy head over to the project page and drop some dough on what is sure to become a huge hit.