This week we’re going to look at a graphic novel called “Runners: The Big Snow Job”


Runner’s is an on going web comic created by Sean Wang who has, in the past, worked on the comics “Tick and Arthur” for New England Comics and “Meltdown” for Image comics. The man has industry experience and this is his second Runners graphic novel so I think it’s fair to say he has a pretty good handle on what he’s getting into.  The book itself is about a crew of alien smugglers on a run for the mob that’s gone all wrong. Sounds like a good story hook to me.

The thing that really drew me to this comic, and this is rare for me, is the art style. I’m not sure what it is, but it just seems to resonate with me. I don’t usually pay much attention to the art when it comes to comics. I’m more interested in the story tied to the visuals than anything else so when this one caught my eye I figured it was a good bet I’d be backing it for this weeks post. Sure enough I couldn’t find anything else that I felt strongly about among all the other recently launched projects. Go take a look at the project page, you might like what you see.