This week I’ve decided to drop some dough on CORPS 3rd Edition.

I’ve always been a collector of RPG rule sets that, ultimately, I never end up finding time to play. Even so the Complete Omniversal Role Playing System, or CORPS 3rd edition looks like something I could easily get into. The book itself, by which I mean the rules, are mostly finished so the Kickstarter campaign is actually just to raise money to hire artists to class the book up. There isn’t an abundance of information in the Campaign itself describing how the game plays, only that some new rules will be added or revised from the 2nd edition book. Looking into the rules further online I’ve found that the rules are fairly streamlined, if a little confusing at first, and it seems like you can easily adapt them to just about any setting. Even if I never get the chance to play CORPS I think I’ll enjoy reading the book itself and wrapping my head around it’s rules.