So apparently I never wrote a post about this even though I uploaded it to Youtube almost two months ago. Impossible is Nothing was, originally, a six part video series conceived and created for Awakenings Movement church which was shot, edited, and presented during service weekly in support of the weeks message. This was our first project in conjunction with Awakenings which led to a long run working side by side with them. Originally there were several live stage performances that went along with the videos supplementing the running narrative.

Back in May I decided it was time to dust off the old footage and give Impossible is Nothing the treatment we just didn’t have the time to spend on it back then. During this process I realized two things about the stage portions. First is that they sounded absolutely terrible. Between the poor acoustics of the room and noise from the church folk it was nearly impossible to hear what some of the actors were saying. Two, they looked terrible and broke continuity. Some of the live stage scenes took place in the same “location” as the filmed scenes. This poses a serious problem when you’re going back and forth with no way of indicating that a stage scene is supposed to be the same place as the house they were shown in previously. With those things in mind I decided I could, with a little rearranging, tell the story even though I was leaving out a few minor bits and pieces here and there. Now if only there was something I could have done to improve the audio recorded using the old, terrible, and nearly worthless microphones we had at the time.

I present to you: Impossible is Nothing