Let me begin by saying I am not, in fact, receiving any kickbacks for writing about these projects. If, however, someone wants to toss me some coin for featuring their project I’m not going to complain.

If there’s anything I’m a sucker for is old school video games. I will torture myself trying to finish those 8-bit bastards long into the night when I get my hands on those things, the most recent being Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. When a tabletop game emulates the look and feel of the games from my youth I’ll definitely give it another good solid look. Game Over is one such game.

As you can see above the game features a colorful cast of old school characters given gender swaps and other legally distinct changes to sucker in all the fans of games gone by. Old standbys like “totally not Megaman,” “totally not the Mario Brothers,” and “totally not Link.” My personal favorite of course is the character resembling the Noid from Dominos Pizza. I’ll admit I’m not sure who some of these guys are, but it looks like all the big guns are in there and ready to rock and roll. For the quick and dirty explanation of game play I’ll leave their video here so take a look.

So as you can see the game is pretty simple. These days simple is the key selling point for me. Between Dan, Krystal, and I we have three young kids so keeping things simple is imperative for us right now. I haven’t actually played the game or seen all the cards obviously, but from the intro and game play videos it’s clear our kids can handle this game without it being entirely boring for the grown ups. If you’ve ever played Candy Land with a five year old then you know what I’m talking about. Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders. Terrible terrible games.

Anyway, I’m in for this one and I highly recommend you take a look of it yourself.