Let me begin by saying I am not, in fact, receiving any kickbacks for writing about these projects. If, however, someone wants to toss me some coin for featuring their project I’m not going to complain.

There are tons of role playing games out there, most of them standing in the shadow of the grand daddy of them all Dungeons and Dragons.  Most of them are cheap clones, or genre swap re-skins, but sometimes you get the ones who strike out and try to find legs of their own. Costume Fairy Adventures is one such game.

Like any RPG the players have to create characters including statistics, skills, and personality quirks, nothing new here. Besides being covered in pink they haven’t gotten too far off the beaten path here. Where it stands out, however, is the tone of the game where the characters run around and cause problems for their unfortunate human victims as opposed to fighting monsters, looting bodies, and toppling kingdoms. Everyone loves a good dungeon slog, but these fairies have more fun plotting to steal pies and devising elaborate schemes to dump buckets of water on villagers heads. To be honest I’ve been burnt out on fantasy role playing games for a while now. A good group of players is hard to come by and a good dungeon/game master is even harder. This seems like the sort of thing that can be picked up and played on a whim without anyone needing to invest hours of time into character creation and adventure narrative ahead of time.

What makes this whole thing really stand out though is it’s core mechanic: the costume deck. Your character may have a personality and attributes allowing her to excel in certain tasks, but it’s the costume that defines what the character can really do. By dressing up in a variety of silly ways your character takes on new skills and abilities allowing the characters to adapt to situations as they arise. Sounds awesome right? Here’s the catch, you draw costumes randomly from a deck. So you can adapt and over come, but only if you’ve been lucky enough to pick up a useful costume somewhere along the way. Need a more useful option that what you’re currently carting around? Spend your turn scavenging, cross your fingers, and draw a card to see what you’ve cobbled together from materials lying around. You can only carry three at any given time so you have to think carefully before discarding one your carrying to pick up a new one making your clothing choices mean so much more than whether or not you’re getting a +1 bonus to your dexterity.

So I’m all signed up for this. I want a copy and I want to play the shit out of it without having to worry about wandering into a dragons lair and dying in it’s stomach. Sound like something you can get into? Check their Kickstarter Campaign out or pick up the quickstart rules over on their website.