Let me begin by saying I am not, in fact, receiving any kickbacks for writing about these projects. If, however, someone wants to toss me some coin for featuring their project I’m not going to complain.

War of Omens, once it is finished and unleashed onto the world, will be a free to play browser based card game that the developers are calling a deck building/CCG hybrid. Build around three factions which play in three very different styles with multiple generals within each faction, the game will offer a great deal of depth and strategy despite its seemingly simple design.

I’m in on this. It’s clear these guys love this game to the point of obsession for no other reason than it’s something they are making something for themselves for once and that is more than enough to sell me. Doing things that we want to do is pretty much what we do around here so I completely understand that passion. The game play sounds fun and engaging and being browser based and free to play on top of that is just gold.

That being said there is, of course, a premium currency used to buy things with real money. I think it’s safe to say that a large segment of the gaming community is not behind this concept. Sure premium doesn’t always mean pay to win, but it’s a fine line that most of us don’t want to walk. Now in their project they state that everything is accessible to players to fully enjoy without the premium currency, but I’ve heard that before and “everything is accessible” meant everything except certain areas, items, etc. Rarely does it mean there is a way to earn the premium currency, especially in the quantities required to gain access to those things, within the game proper or they claim everything needed to enjoy the game is available without the premium content. The Kickstarter project, as far as I’ve been able to find, is vague on this subject.

Doesn’t matter though. I’m totally in.

Want to know more? Check out their Kickstarter project page which includes some game play videos and descriptions to really get a feel for the game proper.