Let me begin by saying I am not, in fact, receiving any kickbacks for writing about these projects. If, however, someone wants to toss me some coin for featuring their project I’m not going to complain.

What happens when you apply scientific theory learning principles with a blaxploitation inspired sci-fi platformer? Leroy Johnson, that’s what. What to sell me on something almost instantly? Blaxploitation is a good place to start.

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know much about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) myself. Math and science aren’t really my thing and I have, on occasion, been known to deny they exist or rant about it all being lies. That said I applaude any and all attempts to trick kids into learning via video games. I think we all know overt learning games just plain don’t work, but you apply the learning to blowing up tanks and aliens kids will eat that stuff up.

They are billing Leroy Johnson as an RPG platformer hybrid in which experience and classes are gained allowing you to unlock new abilities and all that fun stuff. Where the science comes in is in the puzzles. STEM concepts will introduced through game play and application thereof will be required to overcome puzzles. Assuming it’s not too blatant I think this is an excellent way to teach people new ways of thinking and understanding the world around them without cramming it down their throats. No one likes to learn about things they’re not interested in ways that don’t work for them. I”m sure we can all related to sitting in classes in school taught by the most boring teachers on the planet and coming out of it with no significant learning. Is this the future of learning? Probably not, but it may prove valuable to someone somewhere just when they need it to punch them to bigger things. At the very least it’s some good quality entertainment with a little bit of learning secreted in there under our noses.

So there you have it kiddies. “Leroy Johnson In: The Greatest Game Ever Made” Go check it out.