Zombie 15Let me begin by saying I am not, in fact, receiving any kickbacks for writing about these projects. If, however, someone wants to toss me some coin for featuring their project I’m not going to complain.

I don’t know about you but I’m noticing a theme here. A couple months ago I specifically said I’m not a fan of zombies as a genre and it irks me that zombies are being plastered across everything because it’s the hot new thing right now. Since then I’ve backed and posted my thoughts on zombie projects fairly frequently. This week I’m bringing you yet another. I guess that makes me a hypocrite or something? I don’t know, but this game looks dope.

Zombie 15′ is a board game about a group of teenagers fighting their way through hordes of zombies to achieve their objectives. The game promises a book with a dozen or so scenarios so I’m sure that offers quite a bit of play value even if you don’t feel like playing through the scenarios again after going through them once. After all, you can always run through them again with different players. What hooked me is a very strange and simple mechanic: the soundtrack.

At the beginning of each scenario a background music track is put on and the players have until that track ends to finish the scenario. Sounds crazy, but the track is fifteen minutes long and from what I’ve seen of the playing board it seems like fifteen minutes is plenty of time to finish as long as the players remain on task. But wait, there’s more! Every minute the background music will be interrupted by the sound of approaching zombies and more of them will be added to the board in opposition of the players. The longer the players argue and bicker the harder it will be to usher their little teenage heroes down the streets to relative safety.

The mechanics look fairly simple beyond that. You rush through the city scavenging weapons and equipment from the buildings while hoping to avoid or take out the ever increasing horde around you. As a backer you can pick up the game right now with a ton of extra miniatures at a pretty low price point and if the trend of incoming backers continues IELLO will be adding a ton more by the time the project ends. Go check them out. The game looks great and I eagerly awaiting getting my hands on mine.