Let me begin by saying I am not, in fact, receiving any kickbacks for writing about these projects. If, however, someone wants to toss me some coin for featuring their project I’m not going to complain.

After looking through Kickstater I came across this little gem in the gaming section. If there’s one thing that will sell me on a game it’s themed around WWII. I don’t know what it is, but I love me some World War II action. Some people love zombies, others vampires, and I apparently love mid twentieth century war. You thought I was going to say Nazi’s there there didn’t you? Don’t be silly. No one loves Nazi’s. Okay, maybe not NO ONE, but what I’m saying is it’s rare. Anyway, I’m pretty sure I was talking about D-Day Sergeants.

As previously mentioned D-Day is a board game in which tiny little army men wage war against your opponents tiny little army men. Judging by the photos it looks like the playing pieces themselves are made of a heavy duty card, which isn’t unusual for this sort of game. Some might complain about them not being plastic, but to be honest I’d rather have high quality art on thick card stock that poor looking green and grey army men. If I want little plastic dude I can get a whole bucket of them for about $5 at the store. That’s not the kind of game I’m looking for. What I want is a game that’s fun to play without being insultingly simple. From the looks of it D-Day Sergeants is just what I’m looking for.

Go give it a look. It won’t take long and, in my opinion, it’s worth your time.