So things have been pretty slow around here for about a year. I’ve been writing a lot over the last year and I pretty much haven’t picked up a camera since Bubble Gum Punk went up in 2016. We’ve been working on several books in the Transport Captain 42 series in that time with the third installment due out in the not too distant future. Right now I’m knees deep in a new story called Victims of Wicked Men about three downtrodden people who meet in a support group (called Victims of Wicked Men) and find that their lives are far more intertwined than they imagine. You can read the FIRST PART HERE.

I’m also working on a stop motion video that has a very large script and will probably take me a year just to shoot everything. It’s a huge undertaking but I think it will be worth it when it’s done.

Oh, and Krystal had me put this together because she thought it would be rad. If you’re a fan of Luke Cage and/or Cowboy Bebop you may get a kick out of it as well.