Things definitely needed some re-wiring around here so I’m somewhat glad reinstalling WordPress nuked a lot of content. It all needed to be reorganized and in some cases just out right removed to reflect the way things are going around here right now. We’ve been focused more on writing and illustration over the last year or so and just haven’t had the time or inspiration to put out any new videos in that time. I am, however, still working on Brick in Time, but that’s a long long project that won’t see the light of day for at least a year. Not to mention the fact that I need to find voice talent for about a dozen characters still.

There is another book under the The Legend banner in the works then of course there’s Victims of Wicked Men posting regularly on WattPad and Transport Captain 42: Terranaut Trouble on the burner as well. The biggest new things, however, is us dipping our toes into developing a visual novel based on Bubblegum Punk. It’s something I’m toying around with mostly while I try to learn all the coding required to make something like that, but it’s hardly the first time I’ve made a video game. There is the long lost and fondly remembered Project Ghetto which I made over the course of about two years using RPG Maker 2000. It is truly a lost gem in the sands of time. Too bad no one will ever get to play it. (Who do I think I’m fooling? It was about as bad as you’d expect a persons first game to be. Though I have played worse.)