MtG Alters

Every Magic player likes to put their own spin on the deck they’re playing. This can range anywhere from deciding which cards go into the deck and side board to the selection of the perfect sleeves to suit your personality. These are the most common everyday ways players put their stamp on the game, but we offer something a little more flashy for the discerning individual who’s really looking to stand out from the crowd. Card alters, personally commissioned and hand painted, take your cards and change them from the same old thing everyone is playing in their decks and give them a little extra flavor to display your personal tastes. Please scroll down for hundreds examples of our work. Contact for a price quotes.


Please read the following before asking for an estimate on your alters!

  1. The alters sold on this site as well as custom alters that can be commissioned are hand-painted. No stickers, foil peels, or proxies can be found here. All cards are painted using acrylic paints and occasionally ink, and each one takes several hours to create.
  2. I don’t paint on foil cards.
  3. I don’t do trades.
  4. Cash up front, please. I take actual monies if I’m working with you locally (I’m in the metro-Detroit area). I also accept PayPal for any online transactions. Under no circumstances will any work begin until payment is received in full.
  5. Please specify whether you will be mailing the cards you would  like painted, or if you will need me to purchase one for you from my local gaming store. If you are mailing the cards please specify the condition they were when you sent them in case they arrive damaged.
  6. Please be as specific as possible when describing what you would like done to a card. I work within the guidelines given to me in each commission, so if you’re looking for a specific effect, please be specific!
  7. On a related note about artistic license, I work hard to make every card I make unique, so that one version of a particular card is different from the next one I alter. That makes every card I alter truly one-of-a-kind!
  8. I’m happy to work out a deal with you if you’ve got multiple cards you’d like me to paint.
  9. I use USPS First Class Mail with delivery confirmation when sending out finished cards. Shipping within the US is included in the price. International orders generally cost more, and vary on a case-by-case basis.
  10. If you have any other questions, I’d be happy to answer them. My email is

Warning: prices are for reference only, and any given job is subject to evaluation of complexity/time required to complete. Prices do not include the price of the card itself- just for the painting work. If you need me to purchase a card online to paint for you, I’ll message you with a link showing the average price, and let you know the total needed for the commission. I will only purchase the necessary card after payment is received.

  • $15+ — PARTIAL ALTER / ELEMENT EXTENSION – This includes lightning, energy beams, etc that are cut off normally by the borders of the original art. Little things to make the card “pop” a little.
  • $25+ — BORDERLESS – I paint beyond the borders of the art box, extending it to the outer edge of the card, leaving the card name and text box intact.
  • $45+ — TEXTLESS – A nice effect for cards with the old layout. I extend the artwork downward to cover the text box, but keep the outside borders intact. (Note: I don’t have any examples posted here yet, but it’s doable.)
  • $50+ — FULL ART – What it says on the tin. I paint over everything but the name, set symbol, and stats (although I’ll cover that, too, if you like; it’s up to you).
  • $25 – $50+ — FAN ART/ORIGINAL CHARACTERS – I paint over the existing art on the card with whatever you like- anime characters, random objects, whatever you like. Sexy characters don’t bother me a bit, but I won’t paint anything outright pornographic. Kids play this game, too, after all.
  • $60+ — COMPLETE PAINT-OVER – The entirety of the original card is painted over and replaced with new art, or just to put some new and different art on it. This is the most work- and time-intensive type of alter, so it’s more expensive than others.