I just finished storyboarding scene twenty-three of Deathwatch on Monday! To celebrate the insane amount of drawings I’ve completed so far (and in no way compensate for the fact that the Sherlock drawing I’ve been working on isn’t finished yet), here’s a small dose of scene one.

There is an awful lot of running in this scene. And yes, she is pregnant. This began as a film school project, and the only girl who was able to play this particular role just happened to be 8 1/2 months pregnant at the time. She had the baby before we were able to film this scene, but after we had already filmed her sitting around in a haunted attic. Horror movies are messed up things, anyway. //shrug//

You know what’s weird? I LOVED drawing this girl’s ponytail swishing about. There are bits both before and after the ones I’ve posted, extra frames that I drew in just because her ponytail was such a great way of showing movement.