Destiny is for Chumps by Drake Harlem

I once knew a man who claimed to have the truth. In reality, all he had was money- your money. His truth, his happiness, his success, revolved entirely around selling a book of false hope to you, your neighbors, your family, and the meter-maid who gave you that ticket when you ran in to that shop that one time for half a second. You know the one I’m talking about: the short dude with the compensation issues. Anyway, this isn’t that book. This isn’t a book of truth that is going to drop everything you want into your lap. This book contains my truth, and my truth promises you nothing. You probably won’t be transformed by my words. Hell, you probably won’t even like my words. But if you are somehow enlightened by these pages, then sharing my truth was worth it. Just remember don’t be a chump.

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