Here at Rogue Bard Media we like to think we have an abundance of funny and interesting ideas that people will want to watch in the form of short web based videos. These are the shows we’ve put together over the last few years. Be sure to check back from time to time, you never know when we’ll add something new to the list and some of these shows are currently ongoing.

Monday Zen LogoA collection of zen koans and zany phrases, Monday zen delivers a quick  injection of meaningful perspective and/or humor into your Monday morning grind.

This show is currently on hiatus, but you can see the entire first series here.



CGNP Custom Thumb

The adventures of Dave as he tries to make sense of life and cope with his long distance internet relationship. Will Dave ever get some loving or will he be forever relegated to touching himself while looking at grainy poorly lit webcam strip teases? Join us as we watch him grow from basement dwelling loser to a real boy with hopes, dreams, and fulfilled sexual needs. If nothing else it’ll make you feel better about your life because a brother just can’t get no play.

New episodes every other Friday. Watch all current episodes here.