AKA: Project Replace Comics Ladies with Hawkeye.

Hawkeye Initiative by K. Frazee

There’s been a couple of long-standing problems in comics: one, objectifying women under the guise of “She’s a superhero; she’s empowered, so she can dress and pose however she wants;” and two, a complete and utter disregard for anatomical proportions in pursuit of aforementioned objectifying. (This article here sums up the arguement against this sort of thing in the best way I’ve seen so far.)

An artist named Blue jokingly re-worked a cover of Hawkeye & Black Widow, swapping their poses around, and it’s just taken off, with tons of artists recreating classic poses from “strong female characters” in comics with Hawkeye (and a few scattered other superhero guys), all with spines contorted into impossible positions and pointlessly skimpy costumes.

This is my own contribution. I’d have colored it, but as Fyl mentioned in his previous post, I’m busy with a lot of art projects at the moment. You can print it out and color it, though! I’m putting up a high-res image of my Hawkeye drawing for use as a coloring page. Click on the image below and print!

Hawkeye Initiative_big