The Legend

What happens when a young princess escapes the confines of her castle and goes on an adventure all her own? A little girl who doesn’t need a hero to rescue her wanders the lands in search of fun times, that’s what. What started as a silly video to do with our young children turned into something much larger with a short film, a picture book, and plenty of artwork for more. What’s the princesses name? Do you really need to ask?

The Legend: Garden of the Dandelynel King

The princess and her trusty friend wander the fields of the kingdom looking for something entertaining to do when they discover a garden with massive dandelions. They start picking the flowers only to discover the flowers are actually towering beasts known as dandelynels. How will they handle such a challenge?

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It all started here:

Then continued into this little gem.

And here’s a bunch of concept art and photos from the project.