Fyl Self proclaimed Pharaoh of Lower Egypt and Shogun of Harlem, Fyl Frazee only feels at home with camera in hand. Dabbling in the art of film making in his formative High School years, the Pharaoh developed a taste for linear editing using a combination of VCR’s, camcorders, and a Sony Discman. Known for his cinematic vision and crippling myopia, Fyl quickly developed a flair for black comedy. After ten long years of inactivity due to inadvertent entombment he has risen once more to inflict his guerrilla film making whims upon an unsuspecting world.


dan-profile1Born the ugly duckling to a family of penguins Dan began his life in the cold of the antarctic.  He quickly grew to high standing in the penguin community through his ability to use tools allowing his penguin parents the luxury of living in a palace carved from snow.  Until the seal clubbers came. Captured and torn from his world Dan was shipped to Detroit where he went on display as the amazing penguin boy. Eventually human rights activists arranged his release and Dan began his life alongside humans. Known for a willingness to risk injury for a laugh, Dan now makes his way as part of the Rogue Bard Media team, but dreams of one day reuniting with his flightless tuxedo wearing father and mother in the frozen south.


krystalOperating behind the scenes at Rogue Bard Media since it’s inception, Krystal recently burst onto the Detroit art scene with a vengeance. No longer content to live behind the curtain doing concept art and story boards, she has taken up her pencil and brush to indelibly put her mark on the world. Now branded with full bard status she brings a whole new skill set to the Rogue Bard Media toolbox.