This is concept art for a comic I’ll be doing the art for. Evelyn is the town marshal, and while she’s shown here about to draw her revolver, she favors using a rifle. Getting her costume right was a challenge between the writer and I- her clothes had to look both practical for her job and fashionable for the time period. The story is set in a steampunk version of the early 1880’s, so I drew a lot of inspiration from Victorian fashion plates from those years. In a normal setting, it would’ve been scandalous to see a lady wearing trousers instead of a skirt, but hooray for steampunk, because there will be zany mechanical constructs and Tesla-inspired technology all over the place, too. A woman wearing trousers is a comparatively minor thing, I think.

We’re still working out little details on everything from world-building to what goes on beyond the first issue, but I am allowed to say that it’s steampunk, there will be lots of action, and lots of… ahem, action. There will be more art and things for this as time goes on.