Fyl Frazee

Self proclaimed Pharaoh of Lower Egypt, Shogun of Harlem, and ill-ass Lemony Snicket, Fyl Frazee is a writer, film maker, and chaos coordinator, who is always plotting the next step in his multi-step world domination scheme. Dabbling in the art of film making in his formative High School years, the Pharaoh developed a taste for linear editing using a combination of VCR’s, camcorders, and a Sony Discman. Known for his cinematic vision and crippling myopia, Fyl quickly developed a flair for black comedy. After ten long years of inactivity due to inadvertent entombment he has risen once more to inflict his guerrilla film making whims upon an unsuspecting world. He is a father of two, a husband to one, and a member of the SPS.

Books by Fyl Frazee