Krystal Frazee

Born to two gallant US Marines in the mystic realm of Louisiana, Krystal began her training as an artist at age 4 alongside her grandmother, a landscape painter and Bob Ross enthusiast. As the first of four children to run away from oppressed servitude at the hands of an abusive, misshapen, and lumpy stepfather, she eloped with a deranged bard and continued to toil as a starving artist for entirely too long, with naught but crippling tendinitis in her hands to show for it. With a solid 9 to 5 secured in recent years, she and her family got their feet on stable ground after an era of deep depression, both mentally and financially. That brings us to here and now, wherein this mother of two goblins struggles to strike a balance between creating new art and minimizing the pain that tendonitis brings when doing so.

Krystal’s Artwork