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In my experience, sushi restaurants have the worst photos of their food. To Japanese chefs, presentation is just as important as flavor. Knowing this, I always questioned why restaurants never  took the time to present their menu with the same amount of care put into preparing and serving it. To correct this crime against cuisine, I set out to make two collections of photos that not only make the food look as delicious as it tastes, but also look stunning hung on a restaurant wall. I selected each element for either their color or texture, from the nigiri and sushi all the way down to the dishes and tablecloth, to make them as eye-catching as possible.

This piece is part of the Neon and Nigiri series, in which I took the idea of taking food photography in a slightly different direction by adding the bright neon lights of the dystopian cyberpunk genre. Cyberpunk has been my favorite genre for a long time, especially anime like Bubblegum Crisis and the Shadowrun role-playing game. Characters in cyberpunk stories are frequently down on their luck and struggle to afford cheap ramen to fill their stomachs. In Neon and Nigiri on the other hand, I chose to represent the expensive high-end meal one of these characters might splurge on after pulling off a daring heist or some corporate espionage. My goal with this series is less about creating photos suitable for restaurant menus, and more about capturing the fleeting victory after a big score. I also want people to look at these and think, “That’s rad as fuck.”

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