The Complete Victorian God Series 5X7 Art Prints



For my Victorian Gods series, I chose a selection of gods I felt would feature prominently in the events of the Victorian era to render in the style of old black and white photos. I love steam punk aesthetics and imagined where each god might fit into such a world. This series features the following prints in your choice of 5×7 or 8×10.

  • For Odin, Norse God of War, I felt an American civil war veteran made the most sense. So I rendered him as a decorated Union General.
  • As the Egyptian goddess of childbirth I depicted Tawaret as a midwife. Due to the high infant mortality rate during the time period it made sense to me that she would be out in the world trying to reduce those numbers as much as possible.
  •  As the Greek goddess of the wilderness and hunting, I depicted Artemis as a wild woman who lives off the land, complete with the head of a fresh kill. I feel Artemis would resist industrialization and the damage it causes to the environment at all costs.
  •  I feel a special connection to Athena, so she was the first deity I decided to render. As the Greek goddess of the wisdom, I depicted Athena as a suffragette fighting for the rights of women.
  • Ahagl ah mg r’luhhor ahog victorian god cthulhu. H’ ah uh’eog ot nilgh’ri ng ephaidrown c’ nilgh’ri ph’nglui fhtagnshoggg.

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5×7, 8×10