Selfless Lovers – Magical Girls Take On Social Issues

Rogue Bard Media is proud to present the upcoming zine, Selfless Lovers.

Selfless Lovers is a zine dedicated to stories about magical girls (boys, etc.) who have taken up the cause of fighting for societal change. It’s not all fiction, however. We intend to include advice on how to take up the cause yourself, profiles on activists out in the streets doing the work right now, and some sillier things to lighten the mood a little. Our world is something of a hellscape right now and things seem to keep getting worse. Those of us who want change can, in full force, demand action. We are LGBTQ+ and BIPOC inclusive and would love to assemble a group of diverse voices. Our goal is simple: Empowerment and change in our increasingly dystopian world with the goal of inspiring direct action in readers.

We have just begun accepting submissions to our zine and plan to release Issue #0 in June 2024 for free, to give people a taste of what we have to offer. After that, our intention is to release quarterly issues every March, June, September, and December. If this is something you’d like to be involved in, our submission form and full explanation of what we’re looking for can be found by clicking here.