Smile Time

Smile Time – A Horror Film From Rogue Bard Media

Five high school friends break into the house of local war hero turned puppeteer intent on stealing some puppets. In a matter of minutes a quick and simple robbery turns into the accidental murder of the puppeteer. Over the course of the week that follows they try to hide their guilt from the world while possessed puppets pick them off one by one. As each one of them disappears tensions flare within the group until the puppets get their final revenge.”


Peyton Vaughn as Jenn Richter

Jenn is a high school junior who has assisted Carl around the house and with his puppets since she was younger. She views Carl as a father figure since her own father’s passing some years ago. She is in a long-term relationship with Jace, who becomes increasingly jealous of the time she spends with Carl. She enjoys helping Carl around the house and she hopes to help Carl expand his puppet operations into the future.

Bryce Green as Jace Bell

Although Jace often ends up center stage, it’s not the place he prefers. He outwardly appears confident in his abilities, but ultimately he’s insecure and hates that his friends always look to him for answers and leadership. He’s been dating Jenn for over a year and absolutely loathes Carl and the time Jennifer devotes to him.

Ryan Drake Wilson as Mark Herman

An abrasive, foul mouthed teen, Mark doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him or who he offends. Mark likes to instigate trouble by putting ideas into people’s heads and If the gang is up to no good, you can bet it was at his prompting- whether they realize it or not.

Duwan Anderson as Jack Ramsey

Jack Ramsey thinks he knows everything and has the commentary to prove it in any given situation. He’s usually misinformed, but the things he does know are enough to make him dangerous. Jack enjoys concocting homemade explosives and other makeshift weapons, most of which are just as dangerous to him as they are to anyone else. He enjoys blowing up stuffed animals and would love to get his hands on Carl’s puppets and give them a proper send-off.

Joshua Shelley as Randall Marsh

Hacker extraordinaire- or so he likes to believe. In reality, all he’s ever accomplished is getting into people’s accounts on their own devices when they leave them lying around. Has a tendency to hit on anything with breasts and legs but often says even the legs are optional. Thinks puppets are stupid in the digital age, and suspects Carl has ulterior motives for inviting dozens of kids over to his house on a regular basis.

Bill Swift as Carl Collodi

A family friend of the Richter’s and surrogate father figure for Jenn. He is largely regarded as a hometown war hero by the community. After serving in Iraq, Carl developed severe agoraphobia in addition to PTSD. He survives on disability benefits and occasionally selling the puppets he makes on the internet. He regularly entertains the neighborhood children by putting on puppet shows. Secretly he owes a substantial gambling debt to Bellamy, another veteran from his old unit.

Joshua Lopez as Jordan McMikins

McMikin’s is a dishonorably discharged Army veteran who has spent the last decade working as hired muscle for a Bookie named Bellamy. He has been sent to collect a debt owed to Bellamy by Carl Collodi, another vet he served with in Iraq in the early 2000’s.

Jeff Frazee as The Sheriff

Small-town sheriff with no ambitions for anything greater. The sheriff is lazy and complacent from living in a town with very little crime to investigate. Carl’s murder is the first significant crime to happen in town for the last decade, and he’s feeling pressure to get the killer off the streets as fast as possible. He has a secret gambling addiction and regularly blows his wages playing blackjack online.

Rashad Franklin as Bellamy

Bellamy is a veteran of the Iraq war who has spent the last fifteen years in federal prison for war crimes. Before going to prison he had a thriving side hustle as a bookie and now that he’s out he wants to collect a substantial debt owed to him by Carl Collodi.



Producer of over 60 short films, as well as dozens of live events, and the 2012 feature film Deathwatch, Fyl Frazee is author of seven books ranging from children’s picture book to adult thriller. He started film-making in the days of VHS camcorders and editing with two VCR’s and a Disc-man to dub in music.