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“But what lies within Today, I Am Nine?” I hear you ask. Well boy howdy let this spoony bard give you the skinny on this fine tome of zany stories. Zany may not be the right word. Odd ball? Maybe. Deranged? Certainly. Epic? Depends on who you ask. No matter what you want to call it the following tales are contained within the virtual pages of this page turner unlike any other. If any of these stories sound interesting to you then stop hesitating. Join for free stuff.

  • Milk Run – A short tale featuring our android friend 42 (you remember her, right? We mentioned her on the home page) in which she takes a simple milk delivery to another planet and everything goes terribly terribly wrong.
  • Let Slip the Bonds of Gravity – Set in the universe of Android 42, this is a historical recounting of how the Terranauts of the planet Terra made their first successful launch into space.
  • Today, I Am Nine – On the day of her ninth birthday Bubblegum sets out on a mission to claim a chocolate cake from the Evergreen Market. Only one thing in the zombie infested town of Heddrick Heights stands in her way, Edward Hollingsworth Bundtz and his gang of cake hording cohorts.
  • Today At The Edge – Zoom Gali Gali lives at the edge of Heddrick Heights beyond which lies a sea of writhing tentacles. From here he collects clay by rappelling over the edge of the known world and uses it to sculpt magical dolls called Ahye Dahmu.
  • Calamity in Calamity – Set in the high tech city of Calamity Colorado in 1881, this mystery explores the death of a mad scientists maid. Can US Marshal Evelyn Hayes discover who’s responsible for the young girls demise and bring her to justice?
  • Descent Into Madness – A peek into the disturbed mind of a young man who feels no one loves him.
  • Empty Spaces – Hallucinating and strung out on depression our hero struggles with the intrusive thoughts and the deranged mutterings of his two friends. Life is a struggle when you can’t say for sure what’s real anymore.
  • Krispie Planet – Stranded on a small planet far removed from their home with no means of communication a star-ship crew tries to make the most of their new lives. With no hope of rescue and limited supplies they have one stroke of good luck. The planet is one giant Rice Krispie Treat. What happens when, after generations, they eat so much of the planet it destabilizes and threatens to destroy their home?
  • The Day The Lake Came – Set in a fantasy realm, this fairy tale inspired story describes one boys thoughts and feelings when a giant made of water decides to take up residence near his home.

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